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Direct Cremation - Online Package

Professional and Staff Services

  • Basic professional fees     $590
    • The services of a licensed funeral director and support team for the coordination and scheduling of disposition burial or cremation.  Administration and services of a licensed establishment for the proper care of the deceased.
  • Data Collection  $195
    • Professional arrangement consultation with a licensed funeral director to gather information for the completion of government forms, provide options and make recommendations for disposition and funeral services.  (this service is not required if you complete the arrangement online)    
  • Documentation-permits, forms, etc.   $375
    • Completion and filing of all necessary documents pertaining to rendering the services and supplies requested, including but not limited to municipal death registration and obtaining disposition permit and cremation authorizations.
  • Initial transfer of remains    $500
    • Staff use of vehicle and related equipment from hospital to crematory at the convenience of the Cremation Society (within 30km).
      (Additional charges from home or long-tern care facility.)
Cremation Containers and Caskets

Select a cremation container

Please take a few moments to select a casket that will be used throughout the cremation process.


Select an urn

Memorial Tributes (Optional)

Memorial Tributes

Other Services

Coroner Certificates for cremation and/or out of province
transfer including e-filing services

This is a fee charged by the local municipality to register the death. The fee is set by the municipality and may vary.

The Bereavement Authority of Ontario (BAO) Consumer Protection Fees are fees charged by the BAO. Multiple fees apply, for each of the following:

  • Funeal Home and Basic Transfer Services
  • Crematory Services
  • Cemetery Services

The cremation fee is required unless you've pre-paid at a cemetery.

Additional Options
Estate Benefit Services

After the death of your loved one, you are often left with the responsibilities that may seem insurmountable.  Putting these tasks off can often delay benefits to a surviving spouse or child.  In order to help your family complete these tasks in a timely manner, Cremation Society will:

Complete the application for Canada Pension Plan lump sum Death Benefit.
Complete the application for Canada Pension Plan monthly Survivor’s Pension.
Complete the application for Canada Pension Plan monthly Children’s Benefit.
Obtain and complete life insurance claimant forms.
Obtain and complete employer health, life insurance and pension forms.
Give notification and supply Certificates of Death to any bank, trust company, union, etc.
Deliver all completed forms to their required locations.
Complete any other services you may require.

We also will provide you with an Estate Benefit Portfolio which aids in keeping your tasks, information and papers organized.  This Portfolio also contains helpful information that you may need after the death of your loved one, such our Estate Benefit Checklist, Responsibilities of the Executor, Addition Notifications, and Bereavement and Support Services.

Price:  $295             

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